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If you want to receive information about new offers write your e-mail address, select the groups and click OK. If you want to resign from receiving information write only your e-mail address and click OK.

PRODUCT - How to find a product?

At you can find stick-on name labels, iron-on name tapes, sew-on name tapes and many others, allowing you to keep track of all your child's things from toddlers bottles through to sports equipment. Named items get lost less frequently and your child can easily recognize his belongings.

Deliveries are made by registered post with Poczta Polska.
Cost of delivery 9 zł.
The cost of delivery is added automatically when an order is placed.

The site menu makes it easy for you to find the products that you are interested in:

1. The menu is divided into main product categories: stick-on, iron-on, sew-on, for shoes etc ...

2. Each category is further divided into a menu of sub-categories, eg. stick-on name labels Mini, Large, Mini with motif

3. Within the sub-category is the product menu, which gives all the details. You can choose with the help of both product images, and with the 'Preview' function, which shows you what you are ordering.

4. You can also use the key word search function (in the upper right hand corner of the page), eg. Mini name labels

5. To print product information just click on -"print infornation", and after a few seconds this will appear in pdf format with all the information about the product, together with photos and price.

ORDER - How to order?

Your order is processed in 3 simple steps:

1. Product menu - choose product, and then click 'add to basket'

You are directed to the checkout, which summarises your purchases
• if you want to continue buying click „continue purchasing”,
• if you want to change the number of purchased items, make the changes, then click on „calculate basket”
• if you want to finish buying click on „place order” – you are then directed to the page where you can give your delivery address and decide on how you want to pay.

2. Delivery address - where your purchases should be sent to

In the field „order details” write the information required for the delivery and billing. The basic data is: e-mail address, delivery and contact address, as well as telephone number. This information is enough to complete the process of purchase and delivery

Here you can decide whether you want to register as a customer with the benefit that
• for future purchases your address details are stored and appear automatically when you log on
• you can use the save function and store products, so you can order them later
• you can check your purchase history in the folder „my account” in the upper right corner (in the place „register”)
• you can always change your address details and password
• you can take part in promotional offers.

Your address details are stored on the server of the hosting firm and are not available to us. You can find more about data security in the folder „Secure purchases”.

3. Payment

At you can pay with either:
1. Credit card, or
2. Bank transfer

PAYMENT - How to pay for my order?

No matter how many products there are in YOUR BASKET, one payment is enough to make your purchase. Your order will be processed after has received your payment. When the product is despatched we will send confirmation to the e-mail address you provided.

Credit card payments to are handled by, which ensures safe and secure payment.

1. credit card - online authorisation*
2. regular bank transfer to the bank account of More on this in the folder „Secure purchases”

* Remember to have your ccv number ready, the 3-digit security code on the back of your card, which identifies your card and prevents illegal use of credit card numbers.


We only deliver through the Polish Post Office, using their priority service. A multi-product order is despatched only once all items have been produced and the order is complete. In this case delivery time may be longer and we will contact you individually.

More on delivery conditions in the folder „delivery”.

ORDER STATUS - How to check it?

Information about the order and delivery status are sent separately to the e-mail address you have given.
If you are a registered User you can check the status of your order at any time, as well as your purchase history, in the folder „my account”
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