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Thanks to our stick-on name labels, iron-on tapes, and sew-on tapes you can name almost anything:

Mini and Large stick-on name labels they have endless uses and stick onto most surfaces (they are waterproof, dishwasher safe) eg. for toys, school stationery, sports equipment, mobile phones, tooth brushes, cups, books ....

Printed iron-on name tapes iron-on to clothing (withstands washing up to 60 degrees C), bedding, towels, pyjamas, bibs...

Woven sew-on name tapes for jackets, trousers, all-in-ones, hats, scarves, soft toys ...

Woven iron-on names tapes iron-on to sportswear, sleeping bags, bedding, towels ...

Infobands for peace of mind on trips and holidays. You can now ID your young child with his name and family telephone number.

Stick-on foot-shaped shoe labels

Educational stickers makes it easier for young kids to learn their right from their left shoe.

Informational stickers e.g. for allergies to milk, gluten, insect bites, nuts etc. For cups and bottles used by kids with allergies.

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