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Set: Starter

Set: Starter
Price 66,00 PLN (za zestaw)

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Starter pack contains :

50 Mini stick-on name labels
20 Large stick-on name labels
30 Printed iron-on name tapes

Choose the colour (red or blue) and write your child's name.

Mini stick-on name labels are ideal for small school items e.g. felt-tip pens, crayons, scissors, rulers, books as well as sunglasses, mobile phones and toothbrushes. Our stick-on labels are waterproof, durable and won't wash off.

Large stick-on name labels are ideal for bigger items e.g. books, crayon and paint boxes, sports equipment. Our stick-on labels are waterproof, durable and won't wash off.

Printed iron-on name tapes for clothing e.g. PE kit, swimming costume, hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, snow pants, pyjamas, change of clothes for kindergarten, bedding, towels etc. Our name tapes are colour fast, flexible and hard wearing.


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