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1 Infoband = 15 zł

Information wristband - identifies your child.

Infoband helps to ensure that your child is safe at all times. Whether you're abroad, on the beach, in the shopping centre or in other busy places, with Infoband if your child strays then he is never anonimous.

Write your telephone number on the band or other important information using a marker or other pen. Put round your child's wrist whenever you're in a busy place where it's hard to keep an eye on him. If your child strays or gets lost, any person can help him and immediately call the family or nanny.

Swedish patented product

Made of soft, high quality plastic. Infoband does not cause allergic reactions, does not contain PVC, latex or toxic paint.

Can be named with a regular ball-point pen or a marker. Once the ink is dried it does not smudge or rub off, and it's waterproof.

Safety fastening system does not allow your child to take off the band, but it's still easy for adults to open.

Kids like the bright and aesthetic designs and they happily wear them.

Multiple use

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