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Stick-on foot shaped shoe labels with icons

Stick-on foot shaped shoe labels with icons
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Price 37,00 PLN (20 labels)

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Stick-on foot shaped shoe labels.

Easy to use: peel off the backing and stick onto a clean, dry surface on the inside of the shoe. Stick the left foot-shaped label into the left shoe and the right foot-shaped label into the right shoe. Our labels are waterproof, durable and won't wash off.

Kliknij na strzałkę poniżej aby zobaczyć krótki film "Jak podpisać buty?"

Pack of 40 stick-on foot shaped shoe labels with icons = 47 zł
Pack of 20 stick-on foot shaped shoe labels with icons = 37 zł

Stick-on labels for shoes, size 50mm x 20 mm
40 labels per pack (8 of each design), 20 labels per pack (4 of each deisgns)
13 design styles to choose from


If you want to name other items e.g. school stationery, glasses, mobile phones then use Mini stick-on name labels

To name clothing use Printed iron-on name tapes

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